Term 1: Foundations


Episode 1: Contact Light

We will introduce the course structure, reference materials, expectations and program goals. We will cover the vision of MoonshotX and the importance of space startups not only for the space sector, but as a key link in the supply chains of all adjacent economic sectors and corners of society.

Episode 2: To Infinity and Beyond

Starting a business is hard, so it's important you have a global and impactful vision to keep you and your team in alignment and motivated. 

Episode 3: One Small Step

How do you turn an idea into a good business model? Where do you begin, and what to do once you think you have a good model? We'll show you how to take the first step and create a business model in 20-minutes - but beware, the journey has just begun.

Episode 4: Reaching Escape Velocity

The life of a startup includes some useful milestones to guide you on your journey. This episode will discuss the stages between having an idea, proposing a business model, proving you have the solution to a critical problem, that there is a sufficient market, and ultimately becoming ready to scale up operations.

Episode 5: It's Not Rocket Science

'Good' ideas are like belly buttons - everyone has got one. We're going to teach you how to use the scientific method to turn your good idea into a business that solves real problems with paying customers.

Episode 6: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

How do you find and talk to potential customers to get to the essence of what their problems are and how you might be able to create something valuable that they would pay you for?

Episode 7: Stable Orbits

Whether your business is purely for social good, purely for profit, or somewhere in between, it needs to be financially sustainable in order to keep operating. Many companies have failed by solving problems that people don't find valuable enough to pay for. How do you make sure that the problem you're solving has a large enough market you can tap into?

Episode 8: Houston, We've Had a Problem Here

As an entrepreneur, you need to wear many hats. Some of those include marketing, storytelling, and negotiation. Whether you're making an investor pitch, advertising your product, or trying to get into the shoes of potential customers as you interview them, one of the most important superpowers you can develop is becoming a master of influence and negotiation.


Term 2: Essentials


Episode 9: Beam Me Up

More likely than not, a space startup tackling a global problem is eventually going to need some financial help in order to scale up operations. This session will explore the when, the why and the how when it comes to fundraising.


Episode 10: A Giant Leap

Following from Episode 9, we will discuss the art of pitching investors. You will gain insight into what makes a good pitch, when to use a slide deck and how to use them, and tips when pitching with limited time. This session is also preparation for the Gemini pitch competition during week 16.


Episode 11: We Choose to go to the Moon

During the space race, Russia and the US saw great value in putting man on the moon. Both nations spent a lot of money in a fierce competition, driven not by economic outcomes but emotion and national pride.

This session will discuss how to put a price on the valuable product or service your business is offering customers.

Episode 12: Intergalactic Credit

No matter the currency your business operates with, you're going to need to understand some financial basics if you're going to responsibly run a successful business.  In this session we will cover some of the fundamental tools you need to keep track of your business finances.

Episode 13: We Have Your Satellite

This session will discuss some of the ways in which you can protect your intellectual property (IP), as well as introduce the topic of different corporate structures which may influence the decisions of investors and events such as a future exit.

Episode 14: RTFM

You've built a startup and you've generated some business. You have a solid product, and you need to secure some investors to help you scale up your operations. You've had a successful pitch and now you need to negotiate the terms of the potential agreement. Enter the 'term sheet'.

Episode 15: No One Can Hear You Scream

Episode 15 is a session of mock term sheet negotiations. This high pressure competition will test your ability to negotiate, both among your fictitious co-founders and fictitious VC firms. You will need to have a good understanding of the impacts of different terms if you want to make a successful deal, but only one team can win!

Episode 16: May the Force Be With You

As the Gemini program comes to an end, we will take a few moments to reflect on the rigorous journey of the past 6 months, the progress achieved, the lessons learned, and the new friends made.

Starting a business is hard. Space is hard. There will be many ups but even more downs. It's important to take the time to reflect on the achievements you make along the way.