Generation 1

The inaugural cohort started in May 2017, taking the top teams from the Australian NASA Space Apps Challenge hackathon, and ended in July 2017. Here are some of the graduating teams:

Generation 2

The second Stage 2 cohort was trialed as a 16-week program spread from November 2017 until March 2018, in cities across Australia and South East Asia. Here are some of the graduating teams:

Exodus Space Systems    Mike Le Page
SpiralBlue    Taofiq Huq


Taofiq Huq

Picosat Systems   Conrad Pires

Picosat Systems

Conrad Pires

Generation 3

Generation 3 featured a Melbourne-only cohort and a streamlined program run over 8 weeks, from November 2018. This program transformed the Ideator from a class-and-teacher model to a regular meetup, to engage additional participation from the wider community to enrich the experience of the core ideator participants.

Generation 4

After experimenting with many versions of the Ideator, this program will leverage international partners and franchised chapters to operate a perpetual, fortnightly community meetup enriched with ideation workshops to help passionate participants form new potential businesses. In April 2019, this next program will launch in 10 international cities, with many more cities envisioned to follow later in the year.