Space Elevator

How we help teams take ideas to the Moon and beyond…


Space Elevator

How we help teams take ideas to the Moon and beyond…

We believe outer space is a symbol for humanity.

For humankind’s entire history, we’ve looked up at the sky in awe as we have been driven to co-create a future of greater abundance of resources and opportunity through new technologies and relationships. All cultures explore a deep philosophy of striving for a utopic future, and in the middle of the 20th century just as our home planet was feeling small and full of conflict, humanity achieved a great cultural and technological feat in sending the first human technologies and people tearing through our stratosphere and out into the dark abyss. From the moment, humanity was able to shift from a future of increasing scarcity to one of infinite opportunity.

Moonshot was founded to help anyone, anywhere get access to a basic standard of opportunity so that through merit, they can test ideas and build teams that can solve great challenges. We’ve spent years curating our ‘Space Elevator’ model, to facilitate collaboration and align interests of different innovation economy stakeholders, to help launch tomorrow’s paradigm shift inducing geniuses from Earth to the Moon and beyond.

The Moonshot Space Elevator Model

The Moonshot Space Elevator Model

The Space Elevator is a series of events, accelerators and investment opportunities which at each stage facilitates mutually beneficial collaboration between the essential innovation economy stakeholders, to help create solutions to the most difficult challenges we face. Understanding what each stakeholder needs at each stage - whether it be profitable deals for investors, access to testing facilities for startups or job creation for governments - results in a meritocratic system of ‘bubbling up’ the most promising and valuable teams and solutions to humanities greatest problems in the form of scaling, socially conscious, profitable businesses. It’s our responsibility to refine the Space Elevator to ensure the economy stakeholders are all rewarded for their roles in co-creating humanity’s utopic future.

We invite you to join humanity’s pursuit of unlocking the most valuable opportunities for humanity to further understand and explore the universe. Whether developing capabilities for humans to grow foods in the harshest environments of the Moon and the Sahara Desert. Whether commercializing new advanced materials that could advance spaceflight and habitat establishment. Whether manufacturing replacement organs using manufacturing infrastructure in orbit to take advantage of the unique environment.

Space is no longer about grand government missions intangible to the average person, it’s about the average person having the opportunity to accelerate humanity by building new capabilities across all areas of the economy and society.

Stage 0: Education and Engagement

Speaking and conference participation, educational activities

Stage 1: Bootcamp

Each year we collaborate with our international network to run 2-day hackathons in cities around the world. Our bootcamps are tailored to engage people with a myriad of skills, expose them to existing and emerging technologies that could be used to solve great challenges, and receive mentorship by experts as we ask the teams that form to develop rapid minimal prototypes and pitch potential business models to give credibility that the solution is one that can scale.

If you are interested in joining a local chapter in your city, please register you’re interest here.

Stage 2: Ideator

Our Ideator program is designed to help individuals join and form inspirational teams working on grand challenges. Whether you’re looking to become an entrepreneur or want to use your skills in a job you’re passionate about, the Ideator is the heart of our international network and is run in chapters around the globe.

On the surface, the ideator is a fortnightly meetup for space-related industry experts, researchers, enthusiasts, students and entrepreneurs. Each fortnightly session is focused around the discussion of a pre-determined topic, providing interesting insights into aspects of the emerging innovation ecosystem.

Below the surface, it’s an educational program providing practical experience for participants to form teams, trial building commercial solutions to big challenges, and receive mentorship and support with a goal to become a viable early-stage space-related business.

See the history of Stage 2 here.

Stage 3: An Accelerator for Embryonic Space-related Companies

Many teams need additional support to cross the chasm between a good idea and being investment ready. We’ve designed a lean accelerator program to help new space-related teams commit to their business idea for 3-months and achieve investment readiness.

At this stage we enable teams to turn their primary focus to the development of a validated business model. Through our partnerships we give access to services and capabilities (incorporation, accounting advice, discounted software services, etc.) that make it as easy as possible to build a business focus entirely on business development.

Stage 4: Accelerator and Angel Syndicate Investment

Working with angel and other early-stage investors, our Stage 4 accelerator provides $75,000 of private investment, expert coaching, and access to partnership opportunities for early stage businesses who have the ability to build either a venture backable, or an immediately profitable, business after this 3-month program.

Different to all other international accelerators, our program is designed with the needs of deep-tech and space-related companies in mind. We understand the difficulties space-related business face in finding investors willing to participate in high-capex and highly regulated ventures, commercializing hardware, and navigating international regulatory frameworks.

Unlike the traditional venture model which favors software service startups almost exclusively, our Space Elevator model and programs enables us to measure, gauge and help build traction of high-potential companies that are still generating R&D and are not yet ready to focus on revenue. We also understand how to assist companies that are not venture backable, but are valuable as key links in the value chain, and will still generate sufficient returns for our syndicate investors

Stage 5: Accelerator and VC Investment

For businesses looking for further venture backing, Stage 5 is tailored for mature space-related startups. Fueling Stage 5 will be a venture capital fund for investing in high-growth potential companies that need final funding to reach commercial readiness.

Stage 6: Growth Investment

In the future, our venture operations are envisioned to provide follow on funding for high-growth space-related companies. Stage 6 is for space-related companies who need further funding to continue to scale revenue generating activity, fast.