Have you ever had an idea that could have a huge impact on the world, but you felt you didn't have the skills to make it happen? Are you an academic researcher who wants to make sure your research gets beyond the lab, to become a commercial success? Perhaps you're an employee striving to be an innovative leader, and want to know what it takes to make new ideas into viable business models.

MoonshotX mentor, Warwick Molloy, conducts a workshop on creating 3D environments for virtual reality using Unity3D at NASA Space Apps Challenge

MoonshotX mentor, Warwick Molloy, conducts a workshop on creating 3D environments for virtual reality using Unity3D at NASA Space Apps Challenge

The Gemini Space Entrepreneurship Incubator is a 6-month program designed to give you the tools, understanding and contacts to turn a light-bulb moment into an internationally successful idea. Gemini is a world-class program conducted both online and offline, where you will learn about the opportunities available in the space and downstream industries, hear from international experts on key entrepreneurial topics and their personal journeys, and receive direct mentorship and encouragement to get 'out of the office' to talk to potential customers as you refine a business model around an idea and learn about your customers.

We're interested in helping others commercialise innovative solutions and technology that can positively impact billions of lives. Space is no longer exclusively about satellites and rockets, and everything we do on Earth, will need to be done in space. We are interested in unlocking solutions using existing and emerging technologies, such as digital biology, blockchain, virtual reality, advanced manufacturing and artificial intelligence.

Gemini is designed to be an early stage program, with a strong focus on the individual's personal development rather than accelerating a specific startup business. We take no equity - just a small fee to join a lifelong community of entrepreneurs, corporations, governments, investors, and academic institutions, all collaborating in pursuit of an abundant future for all. 

Time Commitment and Dates

Approx. 50 contact hours all up (3 contact hours per week during term)
2 terms of 8 weeks each, each beginning in November 2017 and January 2018 respectively

A Course That is Both Online and Offline

Gemini is an international incubator program with live events conducted in key cities, and collaborative activities orchestrated through online services between program zones around the globe. There is a strong emphasis on the formation of peer support on local, regional and international scales.

In November 2017 we are committed to run our second Gemini cohort in 15 cities across Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada and the US. Applications close on October 23.

Pricing and Scholarships

Option 1

  • Standard Individual Price

Option 2

  • Academic Partner Individual Price
  • Available only to members of partner academic institutions

Option 3

  • Individual Student Price

Option 4

  • Student Club Partner Price
  • Available only to members of partner student clubs

Option 5

  • Startup Scholarship Recipients

Option 6

  • Global Community Bursary Recipients
  • For selected applicants who help establish Gemini in their city
*Only available to groups of 5 or more. Minimum cost is USD$2,495 for student club partners, or USD$4,495 for academic institution partners. Email us at info@moonshotspace.co for more information.