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The power of giving first

The Moonshot Foundation is our not-for-profit arm. At Moonshot we firmly believe in the power of giving first, and this is literally embodied in our creation of an open and accessible global community, with programs and services designed to provide opportunity for anyone looking to create a more abundant future for humanity.

The Moonshot Foundation is responsible for overseeing our charitable projects and programs:

  • The Gemini Space Network is an open, global online community of individuals and organisations looking to contribute to and be a part of a space innovation community

  • The Gemini Ideator is a 3-month program designed to help individuals learn of the opportunities for using existing or building new space technology, to find and form teams either as an aspiring entrepreneur or as a skilled contributor looking for an inspirational project, and to build the foundations of impactful new ventures and projects.

With over 100 mentors, leaders, and partners across 4 continents, our Gemini network is the most valuable deep-tech ideation network around the globe.

We are renovating our Gemini information pages in anticipation of the Gemini Space Network launch and the third iteration of the Gemini Ideator starting later this year. 

The third Gemini Ideator will be launched across South East Asia, Australia and NZ, and North America. We intend to expand to Europe and Africa in our fourth iteration. If you would like to know more about Gemini historically in the mean time, please visit our blog.

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