Moonshot is joining forces with Startmate, Australia’s most successful technology accelerator

Startmate, Australia’s most successful technology accelerator, is joining forces with global engine for space startups, Moonshot, to supercharge the best space-tech startups in from around the world, in Australia.

Beginning in July this year, Startmate will welcome the best and brightest space-tech startups to its Melbourne cohort where they will have access to the full Startmate program and community. In parallel, Moonshot will bring a high calibre network of space industry leaders, mentors, and investors, from across Australia and the globe.

Startmate CEO James Tynan says of the partnership, “It’s an historic time for space technology in Australia and we’re thrilled to be welcoming the best space-tech companies to supercharge their development alongside space industry leaders and a community of mentors and alumni with venture-backed success in areas like hardware, SaaS, health-tech, and marketplaces”.

Why Melbourne?

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, a nation with a thriving space startup community. Recently, the federal government decided to invest AUD$300 million into the local space industry, including the formation of a new space agency that will greatly support space startups.

Melbourne is also where Moonshot is headquartered, and geographically anchoring our space mentor network of more than 100 individuals spanning 4 continents and our relationships with industry, universities, investors, and government, Melbourne is becoming a global hub for space technology innovation.

I have a space startup and am looking for an accelerator. Why should I apply?

We have designed an experience specifically to address the needs of space startups, who will participate as a part of the wider Startmate Melbourne accelerator this July.

We understand that space startups are generally 'deep-tech' businesses, with features that are not helped by accelerators traditionally focused on cultivating software companies. The value of the Startmate + Moonshot accelerator is in the strengths of both organisations.

Moonshot is an organisation dedicated to making space easy, and we do this by cultivating well-oiled space innovation ecosystems around the world. We have designed a space accelerator program with an expert understanding that many space startups are facing high capex requirements; longer returns for investors willing to take the risk; and need access to special resources for manufacturing, testing both on earth and in orbit, and meeting your legal obligations in a tricky arena.

Startmate is widely considered to be Australia's most successful tech accelerator, and is unusual for the fact that every mentor is also an investor in the startups that are funded and participating in their accelerators, leading to great results for the startups. Startmate also has close relationships with many high caliber mentors and VC funds from around Australia and the US.

What are the main details?

  1. High caliber coaching and mentorship network.
  2. Specifically designed to help ambitious space startups who have more than an idea.
  3. $75k in seed funding for 7.5% equity. Negotiable if you have raised more than $200k already.
  4. 3 months duration in Melbourne. If you need help finding accommodation or completing visa applications, let us know.

Read more here, or contact Moonshot or Startmate for more information.

Applications are open until May 31 and will close at midnight AEST.


MoonshotX and Moonshot Hyperdrive

Multi-stage space accelerator programs

MoonshotX and Moonshot Hyperdrive

Multi-stage space accelerator programs

Through MoonshotX we have designed a series of space startup accelerator programs. Unlike the Gemini Ideator which is designed to work with individuals in the pre-startup phase, MoonshotX programs are designed to work with startup teams at different stages of the space startup life cycle. There are currently 2 accelerator programs within MoonshotX:


Moonshot Accelerator is an early stage accelerator program, designed to be a 3-month intensive akin to an MBA specifically for space startup teams that have validated a known solution to a problem and are searching for product-market fit.


Moonshot Hyperdrive is a post-seed stage program, providing access to space specific resources that can pause the progress of a space startup, such as fast access to in-space infrastructure for reaching TRL 9. Our intention is to develop a program that will take a space startup facing 2+ years of effort to validate a space technology, and to reduce that time to a 3-month window to rapidly advance early mover advantage as well as increase space startup success rates.