Riding on the surface of a tiny blue dot we call Earth, we are and always have been travelers sailing through space. We are self-aware, sentient, and fragile, made entirely of carefully arranged permutations of stardust - just as is everything else we can see, touch, hear and smell.

Most people go through their lives ignorant to the above. We generally forget that space isn’t just the night sky and where astronauts travel to. We are already in space, and we always have been.

Today, space technology isn’t just about rocket science and mysterious hi-tech satellites. Space technology is becoming deeply embedded in every aspect of our modern lives, and most of us don’t even realise it. Last century we envisioned a future in space, and today we are there.

Space technology is already all around us. Farmers use it to grow their crops, scientists use it to understand our environment, and medical researchers use it to learn more about human physiology and psychology. Today, we live in a world where access to space is getting very cheap, due to miniaturisation of powerful technology and more efficient launch providers. There’s no reason why a couple of minimally funded entrepreneurs in a garage can’t become the world’s next billion dollar space company.

MoonshotX is an attempt to cultivate and accelerate valuable R&D that is conducted with commercialisation as a goal from the beginning, and that we believe will change the world for the better. We want to stimulate the formation of entirely new supply chains that have a link in space yet are embedded deeply within the many adjacent industries from mining to defence to finance to education. We want to create a program that encourages and inspires everyone to innovate, no matter their location, and to strive to have a positive and disproportionate impact on the future of human civilisation.