Space is the epitome of where science and entrepreneurship are taking humanity as we search for a more utopic future. People are captivated by space because it is the intersection of technology and spirituality, and it enables us to reflect back in on ourselves as we are inspired by questioning our own purpose.

When Moonshot founder, Troy McCann, was a young child, he used to dream that he could travel to the end of the universe to observe how much knowledge humanity had been able to learn as they explored deeper into space in constant pursuit of a more abundant future.

Today, we live in a time where the pace of technological advancement is incomprehensible. In the next decade we will likely see as much advancement as we have seen in the past 500 years. Despite this, there are many amazing minds on our planet today who simply do not have the opportunity to create great new ventures or the means to solve great problems. This waste of human capacity is a tragedy.

Today there is no coordination to cultivate truly high-impact innovators from anyone, anywhere on the planet. Moonshot is an experiment to cultivate a highly productive, global space innovation ecosystem, where no problem is too big and it's not good enough to simply reach for 160 character low-hanging fruit.

At Moonshot we help individuals and organisations turn great ideas to solve big problems into financially sustainable projects and ventures with global reach. We work with enterprise to help them build new products and services through partnering with the latest space tech startups in new supply chains. We work with governments and academic institutions to cultivate thriving space innovation ecosystems, from understanding the skills graduating students need for industry, to negotiating new joint research opportunities. We work with investors to help startups access the capital they need to scale their operations.

When we say we make space easy, it's not just about rockets and satellites. It's about commoditizing the ability to envision and execute on par with the greatest innovators of all time; from Steve Jobs to Henry Ford to Nikola Tesla. It's about looking out into the universe to reflect back in on ourselves and what it means to be human, filling us with new passion as we strive to co-create an abundant future full of rapid knowledge and exploration for all.